What is a logo? Why is it important for your project or company?

Logo design is the art of creating the graphic design pieces that – if well done – associate a certain combination of shapes and colors with a brand, an idea or a concept. The results of the logo design process will have a major influence in the entire identity of your project, brand or company, as the logo is the most important piece and settles the guidelines (colors, shapes, textures, etc) that will be used for all subsequent graphic design work.

Our proposals for your logo design project

We offer three packages to suit most needs. Please contact us if you have any doubt about which one is the best for you.

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Personal Logo Design

  • 4 initial concepts in 48 hours
  • 4 designers assigned
  • Up to 4 revision rounds

Standard Logo Design

  • 6 initial concepts in 48 hours
  • 6 designers assigned
  • Unlimited revision rounds

Enterprise Logo Design

  • 10 initial concepts in 48 hours
  • 6 designers assigned
  • Unlimited revision rounds

Why hire us to design your logo?

Large variety of styles. You will see in our portfolio that we can design clean, simple and modern logos, or high-detail, complex pieces.

First concepts in 2 business days. Urgent service also available at your request.

We assign different designers to your project in order to increase the variety of styles and to obtain faster response times during all the design process.

Much lower cost than other design firms. Get the best return on your investment.

We offer many initial concepts and many revisions rounds (unlimited in our standard & enterprise packages) for you to get the best logo.

High quality deliverables. We deliver the logo files with different variations (b/w, color, reduction tests), in various formats & resolutions to cover the most usual applications, along with LOG's exclusive logo manual with the design guidelines for your logo and suggestions about colors, fonts, etc to reinforce your brand.

How do other companies doing logo design on the Internet compare to LOG?

They are not design studios. The large majority of our competitors are not design studios, but marketing companies with a administrative staff taking their orders and hiring overseas designers through the Internet. We are a REAL design studio firm capable of taking any graphic design project with the highest professionalism and, most importantly, love for what we do.

Our unique business model addresses the problems typically found in agency design, making our process easy, efficient, and effective, thus lowering our costs and making us capable of delivering agency-quality design at lower prices.

Expensive high-end packages. For the same features you can find in LOG’s entry-level plans, the competition charges a lot more.

Outsourced work. While the competition hires overseas designers (problems with copyrights, impossibility of contacting the real designer directly, etc.), all our designers are part of a stable team of professionals you can rely on.